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Our Policy

Our Policy


Our Clientele are Men whom:

➣ Respectful, Gentle and Kind

➣ Genuinely Love and Admire Women

➣ Positive attitude and genuinely good people

LOVE a GOOD Quality MTZ BodyRub

➣ Like personal relationships( Full of Trust & Respect)

➣ Are open and eager to enjoy the experience.

➣ Like to feel Special and Appreciated

➣ Allow the provider to perform. (After all, you’re in good hands)

➣ Enjoy a personal touch

➣ Clean and have good hygiene

➣ Take care of the girls and show their appreciation.


Donations, Packages and Details of the inner working of our Establishment are Strictly Prohibited upon arrival.  All Questions, Inquiries, Packages and Donations are discussed over the Phone while Booking. Our Website is Very User-Friendly in addition to our detailed descriptions to assist in selecting your desired Melanin Goddess. Our Models are not not at liberty to discuss donations, packages and/or the inner workings of our establishment.  Donations, Packages & bookings will ONLY be handled over the Phone by Our Receptionist.



Most Important:

➣ We LOVE  to have fun. We're kind and sweet beautiful women. We love Men who specifically like to be treated with comfort, love and care but are NOT looking for “EXTRAS”  OR FULL SERVICE. Instead they enjoy themselves and have fun without worries of regret or consequences. Get ready to experience pure and complete relaxation, rejuvenation and exotic sensation to melt away even the most disheartening gentleman’s stress.




➣ (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone displaying the following qualities and WILL NOT accept you as a client here. It’s ok to be this way… We accept you for who you  are and understand. However,  it would disrupt the happiness, comfort and caliber of services.  We Do OUR BEST and prefer not to compromise our integrity.


➣ Misognistic in any way.


➣ Rude and/or Disrespectful


➣ Bad Hygiene and/or suffer from anything contagious ( Anything from  skin rash to a cold. We deal with the Public, we have to be exceptionally careful and  cautious. We OWE it to ourselves and OUR clients to always provide a CLEAN & SAFE  environment. )


➣ Untrusting and/or “Sketchy”


➣ Control Freaks and ‘Foremens’.

(Can’t let the provider perform or  entertain constantly trying to control the experience. Treating the provider as though she’s your subordinate.  Of course, It’s ok to discuss what you like in the beginning but let her do her job she takes a great deal of pride in her performance.)



We stand by the donations we set because that  is what the quality of our services are worth to our clientele base. Bargaining or  bartering at any time will result in you being permanently blacklisted from our establishment.



DISCLAIMER:  Donations are simply for time spent together and for entertainment  purposes only. This is not an offer of prostitution. WE reserve the right  to  decline appointments as deemed necessary. By contacting Melanin Toyz (form, phone  or email) you agree to these terms and hereby agree that you’re not part of any law enforcement agency using this for entrapment or for arrest.  This is a contract you agree to by contacting Melanin Toyz or any of its affiliates.



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Sexiness is all about your personality, being genuine and confident, and being a good person.
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