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Hello there, I'm Salice pronounced (Sa-lease) : ) I'm 27 years young, and are a Irish, Italian, Black mix - B.K.A. exotic: ). I was born in sunny southern California and now reside permanently here in gorgeous Miami Florida, where everyday is like a beautiful vacation! There's no greater feeling than spoiling a person and catering to your inner thoughts by making them come to life. I've learned that reality is based on perception and that you can always change your reality easily by altering your perception of it. I am open minded and a lateral thinker so If there are any fantasies you desire please don't hesitate to share as I can just imagine it being twice as fun us fulfilling them together.  I am a one man girl prepared to make myself available to you 24/7 preferably on week days however, I'm always willing to go away and travel on weekends when necessary.


I'm a great listener who enjoys engaging in intellectual conversations from time to time in any social environment. Networking an upscale soirée or a more intimate one on one setting.


I'm an excellent cook always ready to provide gourmet meals if desired. Lastly,  I've been told I give a great massage also & luckily for you I’m certified in  massage therapy, currently preparing to take my state exam. Until we meet.......


Yours truly,


Salice xoxo

Hi my name is Goddess Iman From Martinique. I am fluent in: French,English and creole. I’m 5’6 and I was born March 14 1997. My favorite colors are: pink, red, blue, yellow, gold and white. I love Caribbean music. I’m a woman who interested in men and women. I am ambitious and a bit of a perfectionist too, I believe that you should do whatever it is that you do, with a heart-felt conviction. I am also able to remain dedicated to your needs and be available when you need me the most. I am just a woman in the true sense of the word, but a woman who enjoys her passions, her lifestyle, her integrity and her men. , her integrity and her men. My favorite sex positions are: dodgy style, the pretzel, one up, the cowgirl ,lazy girl, spooning and 69. I don’t drink or smoke and I also don’t like to party but I enjoyed playing with myself for my king or queen. My favorite part in my body is my breasts. I love going shopping ,getting my hair and my nails done and I also like nice lingerie and sexy dresses.


(J’ai juste envie que tu me serre fort qu’on s’entremêle a n’en faire plus qu’un, je veux sentir ton odeur . Envie d’un gros câlin, sentir le chaleur de tes mains ,avoir ce doux frisson d’une tendre passion.)


All I’m waiting for is you to come to meet with me now and just have a good time.. If you are fortunate enough to select me. I make my men KINGS...

Hello gentleman, I am Milani Bankz. I am 24 years old from Tallahassee, FL. I came to Miami about 2 years ago to start a fresh life. I love to dance, sew, and do make up. I live living life on the edge and exploring the wild side of life. I am very adventurous and will try anything once. I am slim, lean, and athletic. I love to get pampered by going to the spa every week for a mani and pedi and I can’t forget the sexy lingerie sets bras and underwear especially.


If you were to ask me:

1. Describe your ideal lover? I love a guy that can have a intelligent conversation, who is also supportive, clean, well groomed, sweet to the touch and loving.


2. What’s your social media - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., Instagram - bossbankz_ , Snap Chat - Milanibankz


3. How do you interact with your followers on social media? On Snap Chat I post different tease photos or mini videos and I accept donations for the entire video it’s only $10 each. I also have the option of personalizing the video for an additional $5 donation with his/her name. I also provide FaceTime calls for just a $15 donation. The guys love that because they can see me in action.


4. What are your plans for the future? Tell us about them..... I plan to own 3 different businesses within 5 years.


5. Are you more dominant or submissive? Honestly, it depends on my partner at the time.


6. What’s your favorite sex position? I love to be on top because I can be in control. I love to look into my partner’s eyes to see his facial expression when he feels good.


7. Have you ever had sex with a woman? Yes I have. 3 different types of women. A bi girl, a stud girl, and a trans boy.


8. When was the first time you had sex with a women/experience. It was about 5 years ago. It was interesting because it was both of our first time having a experience with the same sex.


9. Favorite sex toy? Why? Vibrator! I love love love to stimulate my clit. It gives me the ultimate pleasure.


10. Height, weight. I’m 5’6, 115lb.


Bonus question.

11. What are your dislikes in a man? A smelly man, disrespectful, overly aggressive, arrogant man.


12. Do you watch porn? Who is your favorite porn star? Yes! I love porn. I only really enjoy lesbian porn. My favorite porn star is Sincerre Lemore.


13. Oral? Anal? Oral, yes! I love to receive and give. I love a guy or girl that knows how to suck only my clit in the most gentle way to make me climax. It’s a lovely feeling to be in control when I am giving oral to a guy because I can make him climax whenever I feel is the right time.


Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm your sweet Caribbean girl next door. I stand 5'6" but you'll enjoy my stature at 5'9" in heels. When we meet you'll find me a sexy, classy and clean young lady with a hint of mischief. I've always been stimulated by exploring the mind and body as well as making meaningful connections and dreams of travel to the exotic. On my free time I love to read a good book as well as mall and online shopping, spa days, and photography. I enjoy exercise and fitness whether it is cardio or riding my bike. But besides my amazing figure, I've got an awesome personality to match. With me, it's all about YOU. With certified training in massage, I like to use my touch to bring one's body into a trance of pleasure and tranquility... I'm here for the true gentleman ready to indulge his need for exceptional quality.


If you were to ask me:


1. Describe your ideal lover. Romantic, attentive, humorous, adventurous and clean. Ideally but it is the unexpected that can truly sweep one away.


2. What’s your social media - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., Insta: Knaughtynyce, Snap: kmodela, Tumblr: KmtzTheToy


3. How do you interact with your followers on social media? I respond to their messages and chit chat! My followers also have the option of buying personalized videos or live video chat.


4. What are your plans for the future? Tell us about them. In 5 years I would like to have accomplished word travel at least 3x over, have property and have grown my other private  business ventures.


5. Are you more dominant or submissive? Naturally submissive but it depends on the atmosphere.


6. What’s your favorite sex position? Oh my!


7. Have you ever had sex with a woman? I have done some exploration.


8. When was the first time you had sex with a women/experience. I was young when I experienced it.


9. Favorite sex toy? Why? Wand vibrator. The sensations or gives my body are from head to toe and I squirt *blushes*


10. Height, weight. Astrological sign? 5'6" (5'9" in heels ;) 150 Scorpio


Bonus question.

11. What’s your dislikes in a man? Bad hygiene, disrespect to women, and one thay doesn't listen.


12. Do you watch porn? Who is your favorite porn star? Yes.  Jazmine Cashmere


13. Oral? Anal? Oral

Sexiness is all about your personality, being genuine and confident, and being a good person.

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